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China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd Subsidiaries Kaszon Pte Ltd
  • Address:182 Cecil Street, #31-01 Frasers Towers, Singapore 069547
  • Hotline:+65 6227-4537
  • Fax:+65 6227-5073
  • E-mail:

Kaszon Pte Ltd


KASZON PTE LTD was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCDC in the year 2004. Since 1996, Kaszon factory had grown under the nurture of the parent company. Kaszon currently has a skilled and professional team of 13 engineering staffs and 120 skilled workers and installers. With 16 years of experience in steel fabrication, Kaszon provides a one stop comprehensive service to our valued customer, ranging from design, fabrication, installation with the utmost quality and values added for use in the construction of buildings, factories, plants, infrastructures and institutional school.
The Group's production facilities in Senoko have a total annual production capacity of 3,000 tonnes of steel fabrication. Kaszon utilizes the latest fabrication technologies and design innovation to offer solutions to its clients on a fast-track basis.
Kaszon is an ISO 9001:2008 and BCA registered for SY 10-L5 (Metal and Timber Structure) ; CR16 - L4 (Curtain Walls) certified company ; accredited fabricator of the S2 category from the Singapore Structural Steel Society and a Licensed Builder (Specialist Builder-Stuctural Steelworks).
KASZON currently has a team of 20 engineers and 100 skilled workers and installers. We are providing a high quality one-stop service to our valued customers, ranging from design, fabrication, and installation to finishes. We offer our clients and customers with the total satisfactions through our committed and personalized services.
Kaszon’s quality product and achievements includes:
Steel Structures : Structural Steel Roof, Boat Hanger and Factory Steel Structure, Covered Link ways, Crane Girder Beams and Catwalk etc;
Metal Works : Drain and Sump Gratings, Steel Staircases, Railings, and Fencing etc;
Stainless Steel : Drain and Sump Gratings, Railings & Handrails and Catladders etc.
Glass Railing : Glass Panel with Stainless Steel Railing etc.
Aluminium Works : Curtain Wall , Windows and Trellis