CCDC Won 9 BCA … [07/08/2017]

CCDC Won 1 HDB … [13/09/2016]

CCDC Won 10 BCA… [03/06/2016]

CDCC Won 2 HDB … [14/09/2015]

CDCC Won 2 HDB … [19/10/2014]

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Manpower Resources

Fully bringing the predominance of manpower resources into a whole play is one of the most important reasons that CCDC can grow from small to big. Collaborating with the Training and Test Center in Nanjing, CCDC's Manpower Department had been engaged more than 26,000 workers from China and more than 1,700 worker from Bangladesh and India. And more than 24,500 workers completed their employment contract period and went back home country ( more than 24,000 China workers and more than 400 Bangladesh and Indian workers). With such a strong team of worker force, CCDC has been playing a competitive role in the market. At the same time, the workers also benefited from employment.


It is difficult to manage such a huge number of workers. With the support from company management, Manpower Department standardizes the employment contract, set up the manpower management system, trained a professional manpower management team and set up humanize management system. All workers in CCDC will have their personal profile with Manpower Department. Suggestion Boxes are installed in every project site. Workers not only benefit from workmen compensation but also group personal accident insurance in case accident happens. CCDC also organizes activities, gives gifts and bonus to our workers during Chinese traditional festivals.


CCDC would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our hard working workers. We will continually provide a safe working environment and also comfort living space. We will also continually improve our construction methods, create new methods and also optimize the salary system.