CCDC Won 9 BCA … [07/08/2017]

CCDC Won 1 HDB … [13/09/2016]

CCDC Won 10 BCA… [03/06/2016]

CDCC Won 2 HDB … [14/09/2015]

CDCC Won 2 HDB … [19/10/2014]

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China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd About Us QEHS Policy
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QEHS Policy

 QEHS Policy


(Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy)


We dedicate our operations and services towards Tottall Custtomer Sattiisffacttiion. Customer in our definition refers to the developers, developer-appointed representatives, buyers and end users, government authorities and agencies, staff and workers, suppliers and sub-contractors, and other interested parties.


We are committed to comply with our customers’ QEHS requirements inclusive of applicable legislation and regulations.


We are committed to provide continual improvement in our business processes by regular establishment and review of QEHS objectives and targets.


We are committed to implement, maintain and continually improve our QEHS management system and QEHS performance thereby upholding this QEHS Policy and achieve:


  • Quality in Works and Services
  • Environmental Friendliness & Protection, and Prevention of Pollution
  • Safe and Healthy Workplace with specific commitment to prevention of injury & ill health
  • Green and Gracious practices, endeavor to protect the environment aspects and reducing the impact of global warming, be gracious and considerate

  • We shall ensure that the QEHS Policy is communicated and understood within the organization inclusive of workplaces, and made available to interested parties.

    The QEHS Policy shall be annually reviewed for its continuing suitability and appropriateness, and accordingly revised if required.