CCDC Won 9 BCA … [07/08/2017]

CCDC Won 1 HDB … [13/09/2016]

CCDC Won 10 BCA… [03/06/2016]

CDCC Won 2 HDB … [14/09/2015]

CDCC Won 2 HDB … [19/10/2014]

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China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd About Us Mission and Vision
  • Address:182 Cecil Street, #31-01 Frasers Towers, Singapore 069547
  • Hotline:+65 6227-4537
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Mission and Vision

Core Value


C: Customer Satisfation
C: Cost Leadership
D: Detail Management 
C: Corporate Citizenship




China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co. Pte Ltd (CCDC) aims to provide high quality, comprehensive construction services to its customers by tapping on its talent pool of technological know-how and strong management system. The company commits to achieve “Total Customer Satisfaction”. Customer refers to Developer and Consultant Company, Government Authority, Parent Company, Our staff and Worker, Supplier, Subcontractor, End-User and the General Public. CCDC aims to achieve and uphold the reputation of cost leadership, thereby offering our customers value added services at competitive prices. It strives to improve the living standard of end-users while contributing to the well-being of all stakeholders. CCDC commits to be a responsible and contributing corporate citizen, bringing economical, social and environmental values and benefits.




We aim to achieve cost leadership in the construction market by strengthening our management system through “Detail management”. We aim to become a full-range construction service provider.